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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The most dangerous road in the world

Hello friends. I am interested to share about the most dangerous road in the world, situated in Bolivia. It is 4700 meters above sea level. It can be said that the real danger on the road is for the heavy goods vehicles that rumble up and down it as the width and road surface isn’t suitable for them.
Look at this lorry when it tried to move ahead

A lot of heavy good vehicles are using this road

Dangerous road here...


Mariz said...

My goodness, that's the most hazardous road i've seen so far...scary!

Thanks for sharing this...

worldpeace said...

Police say at least 46 people were killed when a truck carrying farmers plunged 650 feet (200 meters) into a ravine in Bolivia's southern Andes.

Rural highway accidents are common in Bolivia, as drivers often drive overcrowded vehicles at high speeds over poorly maintained mountain roads.

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