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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Panic after 'Franken-fish' that is deadlier than a piranha is caught in Britain

While fishing Andrew Alder caught the snakehead using a sprat for bait for pike in the River Witham near North Hykeham. He took photographs of his catch and handed them over to experts who confirmed it was the deadly predator. So devastating is the damage a giant snakehead can wreak on other fish, frogs and their natural habitat that it is on a list of species which cannot be imported into the UK. Luckily Mr Alder realised the potential damage the snakehead could cause and did not throw it back. It later died and he disposed of it.

Wow, I still remember the film, Frankenfish which shown in TV and I watched it for a couple of times. It's about a group of family lived in one area then attacted by a group of deadly fish.. At last, nobody survive...


RickaVieves said...

interesting topic :-) its my 1st time i saw this kind of fish which is snakehead, strange :-)

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Maya said...

that's a bit scary fish you have. i normally would fight for the head. but this one i'll pass.
But your topic is interesting.

ps: those flower you were asking it's from my garden.

worldpeace said...'s a scary fish...Really. Thanks Maya...

US Roadtrips said...

Weird! What an ugly looks like it doesn't belong in the UK. Great post.

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